Your Augmented Reality (AR) Solution

No two businesses are the same. Reach your audience in a unique and engaging way with our Augmented Reality (AR) dedicated solutions.


Get your brand recognized in the app stores. A dedicated app with your organization’s logo and corporate colors will stand out of the crowd.


Host your digital contents in the cloud for easier updates or store it locally to provide a faster user experience, you are free to choose.


With our state of the art one-tap share feature, users can seamlessly share your Augmented Reality (AR) contents on their social media profiles.


See how, where and who interacts with your Augmented Reality (AR) contents. Every relevant data is recorded by our metrics and reported to you.

Advanced 3D

Get your message through to your audience by providing an interactive 3d Augmented Reality (AR) experience with animations and sounds.


Impress the users with an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) game and keep them coming back for more with competitions and goodies.

Custom Development

Design your Augmented Reality (AR) experience from the ground up with the help of our development team. Your app will be as unique as your business.


Show your points of sale locations or display different Augmented Reality (AR) contents based on the user’s GPS coordinates.


Our apps can recognize any bi-dimensional image. Any kind of image is suitable for recognition, given it displays a minimum amount of contrast and features geometrical shapes in it.
Multimedia, internet links, buttons, videos, pictures and 3D models are a few of the feautures that our Augmented Reality (AR) solutions offer to its users. Head over our prices section for a detailed description.
The time needed for the process of converting contents into augmented reality format depends on their amount and complexity. The development of custom applications is a creative process we take together with our client.
It depends on your needs. Storing data in the cloud is advisable when having to update them often.
In our business model, the apps are free for the final user. Clients are charged a fixed activation fee plus a content based fee, for Browser and Professional solutions. To learn more about our prices check out this.
If you chose to store your data in the cloud, there’s no need to update the app on the users device every time you upload new content. The user will be notified of its avalability through our push notification system. On the other hand, if your contents are stored locally, a new version of the app must be released.

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